Are you doing research on the comments of those who have had laser epilation on the face and trying to find the most reliable place? This can sometimes lead to misleading results. Inflated comments and misdirections have unfortunately increased a lot nowadays. For this reason, we think that besides user comments, it is necessary to give importance to the knowledge of the person doing the laser epilation process.

It is important that the specialist you have the procedure knows about the hair structure and has a good command of the medical side of the procedure.

Things to Consider Before Laser Hair Removal

  • No intervention should be made to the area to be epilated at least 1 month before. In other words, applications such as wax, tweezers or epilation devices that will remove the hair from the roots in the area to be treated should not be done. These pre-laser applications reduce the effect of the treatment.
  • Before laser epilation treatment, you should reduce your sunbathing time and avoid direct sunlight during the treatment.
  • On the day of laser epilation, the area to be lasered should be open. Pores and hair follicles should not be closed with make-up products.
  • Chemical products should be avoided after the procedure. Exfoliating skin care products should not be used.
  • Bronzer should not be applied to the face before laser epilation.

How Many Sessions Does Laser Hair Removal Take?

Factors such as the sensitivity of the facial area, the skin area of the person and the hair structure are important points that determine the epilation period. However, it can be said that it is a process that varies between 6 and 8 sessions in general. During this process, the person receiving treatment should not intervene in the area other than the epilation process.

Considerations After Laser Hair Removal

  • After the application of epilation on the face, problems such as redness, edema and water collection can be seen in the application area. However, these problems disappear within 1-2 hours. During this period, if you wish, you can make a cold complex on the treated area.
  • It is recommended not to be exposed to direct sunlight in all laser epilation applications. However, you should pay special attention to the application of epilation on the face.
  • The area where laser epilation is applied should not be shaved for two days.

Reviews of Those Who Have Had Laser Epilation on the Face

The comments of those who have had laser epilation on the face are that their problems have been solved to a large extent. Laser epilation application not only makes life easier, but also offers us solutions to the root of the problem. However, in order to get the right result, you should pay attention to the points you need to pay attention to before and after.

You can contact us or visit our clinic for information about facial epilation and other epilation applications.

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